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Will you teach how to record live drums?

No. This course focuses primarily on songs with an electronic drum kit.

Will you teach how to sing, play guitar and bass.

No. That’s outside of the scope of the course.

What’s your cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel any time. Refunds are a natural part of business so we will issue a refund for any masterclass that is requested within 30 days after purchase. No refunds are issued after the 30 days. To view the course player or freeview some of my content you can simply register for the free membership.
Please also note: The price on any masterclass is not based on information provided, it’s based on the value and the results that you will achieve with my guided course and coaching sessions.

How long will you need to create the full course?

I will aim to create between 1-5 videos (depending on the topic & length) per week and you will be notified when new content becomes available. The masterclasses are very comprehensive so I’m looking to create up 165-180 videos, maybe more (depending on the feedback), which could take more than half a year to build. But don’t you worry, you will be very busy with creating your songs anyway! 🙂 Just building and designing your artist website (with the Music Artist Masterclass) could easily take more than a week, so yes – fear not! You’ll be very busy whilst this course is building up in the background.

What do we do in coaching sessions?

If you have chosen the Music Artist Masterclass you have 120mins and for the Electronic Artist Masterclass you have 45mins with me available. You can use this time as you wish, for example request a 10minute call to give you coaching or guidance in a specific area i.e. you like some feedback on the website you just created, or aesthetic side of things like artwork, or schedule a 5 minute call to go over mixing practises, 10mins to run through an ad campaign you are creating etc. – I’m sure there will be plenty of questions to ask or areas where you are a bit uncertain, hence the coaching sessions are included in my masterclasses to give advice, confirmation or other ideas that you could try. Having someone there for you is great, not only for validation but having a second set of ears and eyes you can proceed always confidently that you’re doing the right thing.

I’m already an artist but I’m doing a different genre, is this course good for me?

I don’t see a problem with this as long as you don’t have a problem with my course content being demonstrated with the genre I’m working with, i.e. Synth-pop. 🙂 You could be doing metal, folk, jazz etc. – the general recording and mix aspects are still the same regardless of genre, however be aware there are certain elements that my courses won’t cover such as: recording an acoustic drum kit, saxophone, acoustic guitar etc. Some of these instruments would require a different microphone setup, room treatment etc. to get the best possible sound of it. That said if you’re fine working with an electronic drum kit or perhaps recording your acoustic guitar with 1 microphone instead of the typical 2, then there is no issue. Plus you can always come back to your recording session later and replace or add instruments once you have a recording budget to utilise a professional recording studio.

Can I pause the reoccurring payments?

Yes you can! You need to email us ahead of time (at least a week before the payment is due) via the contact form below so we can pause it. You will need to email us again once you are ready to resume. Please note that pausing will also pause the drip schedule.

Your courses are in BETA, what does that mean?

It means it’s a brand new course that is currently being tested by the founding students. Not everything will be perfect and perhaps there will be some areas where you would like to get more information or instructions on, so your feedback is very welcome and can be submitted via the contact form below. 🙂

I have some more songs I want to submit for feedback from you, can I send them over?

With the Music Artist Masterclass you can submit up to 4 songs to me for constructive feedback, with the Electronic Artist Masterclass it will be 1. If you enrolled with the latter and wish to submit more demos for feedback then you can! However, please note that there is a fee of 49€ per song, for my time in listening to it multiple times and writing down detailed feedback for you. Guaranteed minimum of 500 words.

I’m interested in getting a song produced by you, how much would it be?

It depends what needs to be done. For a quote please use the contact form below and include a Soundcloud link to your demo. Please do not submit mp3s or other audio formats!

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