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For the best listening experience we recommend wearing headphones.

1. The recommended departure time is late at night.
2. Please refrain from using mobile phones for the duration of the journey.
3. The time required is 59 minutes and 02 seconds. Please bring your own drinks and meals.
4. Adjust the light to create a cozy space.
5. Insert the CD.
6. Wear headphones.
7. Sit in your seat and relax , when you’re ready to depart press play. Enjoy your trip!


Rin is a 35-year-old office worker, originally from Kyoto, who graduated from a university. From there she went directly into employment for a large corporation in Tokyo. Even after working there for 13 years, she’s still underpaid and undervalued, living her life without joy like many other people. She has become a robot of society, doing mundane work on a daily basis.

Chapter 1: You Are Here – Part 1 – Unknown

Narrator: This is the story of a woman named Rin, who lives without dreams and any ambitions. Rin, a 35-year-old introvert and work addict, is reserved and somewhat dispassionate and soulless. Waking up one morning on a bench at a train station, she embarks on her journey to find that “special something” she needs for her future. Now let’s start the story…

Announcement: The train on platform 24 will depart in 45 minutes. If you have a ticket, please proceed to the platform and board now.

Rin: Where am I? Why am I sleeping on a bench at a station? I’m gonna be late for work! Wait, it is dead silent here. There are no people…. Why am I here and how on earth did I get here? Oh? There’s something in my pocket… a journal? Let’s see what’s inside. There’s something stuck in the diary. A timetable for a train, bus and a ferry? There are no locations or destinations written on them. Oh, tickets… here it says: “Follow the voice and you’ll find what you’re looking for.” What is this all about? This is utter nonsense! I’m going home. Gotta look for an exit. A public phone? But I’m a germaphobe… “Hello?”

Voice on the phone: Please make your way to the train on platform 24. This train will depart in 36 minutes. As you insert the ticket, the gate will open. If you don’t board this train, all hope will be lost and your journey ends right here.

Rin: All hope will be lost? What kind of a journey is this? I suppose I have to board the train now.

Narrator: Rin boarded the empty train and it departed into the great unknown. In her journal, she wrote: “This was such a weird day…”

Chapter 2: Bus To Okinawa

Announcement: The train is approaching the next stop. Please mind the gap between the door and platform when exiting.

Narrator: The train came to a halt and Rin stepped outside the station.

Rin: Where have I arrived? There is nothing but the ocean and sand. No trees, no people. What the hell? Somehow I feel… lonely. My boss is going to kill me if he finds out that I’m at a beach! Where should I go now? I better look around…

Narrator: Rin found a sign with a picture of a bus and an arrow pointing to a small walking path. She wasn’t really sure if this was where she needed to go, so she checked her next ticket. It was a bus ticket, and it had “Okinawa” written on it. Now, Rin was even more confused…

Rin: Bus to Okinawa? No effin’ way! You can’t take a bus there?!! This is impossible! I suppose you can now…

Narrator: Despite Rin being confused, she followed the path as her curiosity grew stronger with each moment. Eventually, she reached the bus station. There, she saw a public telephone again, the very same phone like before. Even from a distance, she could hear the phone ringing.

Chapter 3: Waiting

Rin: Hello?

Voice on the phone: The bus to Okinawa is leaving in 31 minutes. Please insert your ticket and board. If you do not board this bus, all hope will be lost and your journey ends right here.

Rin: Not this again! Why Okinawa!? What’s in Okinawa? Are you serious?

Narrator: Rin reluctantly inserted her bus ticket and got on a weird-looking vehicle, resembling a red double-decker bus. It had no driver inside, and all the windows were fully open without any glass.

Rin: Blimey! This is mental!

Narrator: Rin said to herself, and while she waited for her driverless bus to depart, she listened to the sound of ocean waves. In her journal, she wrote, “Taking a bus to Okinawa is impossible.”


Announcement: This bus to Okinawa will depart in 1 minute. Please take your seat and wait. This bus is now ready for departure.

Rin: Incredible! Crystal clear blue water… A cave? Damn, it looks like a space tunnel! Red fish, silver fish, they look like stars shining in the reflection of the bus’s headlight. This feels like a dream… the shimmering sunlight through the water looks like the northern lights. Mesmerising.

Chapter 4: City Lights

Narrator: Soon, the bus arrived in Okinawa. Rin stepped outside half asleep, squinting her eyes, and looked at her surroundings. She couldn’t believe what she saw. It looked like paradise.

Announcement: We have reached our destination. Welcome to Okinawa.

Rin: Amazing! Indeed paradise… white sand, light blue ocean water, the orange sunset, purple skies… mmm! Everything here feels surreal. If this is a dream, please let me enjoy it for just a little bit longer!

Chapter 5: Ocean Adventure

Narrator: Rin passed out again. This time, she woke up on a bench near an adjacent dockside with a ferry.

Rin: Hello?

Voice on the phone: Please have your ticket ready and proceed to the ferry. If you do not board, all hope will be lost and your journey ends right here.

Narrator: As Rin boarded the ferry, she spotted an old sea lion fishing.

Rin: How cute! Are you fishing? Can I help you?

Old Sea Lion: Can’t you see? I’m not catching fish. I’m chasing my dreams!

Rin: Grandpa, it’s impossible to catch your dreams like that.

Old Sea Lion: You don’t understand at all! I’m patient. If I stay here, I know I can catch my dreams.

Rin: So, how long have you been waiting here?

Old Sea Lion: I don’t know, I’ve already lost track of time…

Rin: I see… perhaps, you shouldn’t just wait, but do something about it? That way, maybe you can catch your dreams? Oh…

Narrator: Rin suddenly realised something very important.

Chapter 6: Kyoto dreams

Narrator: Rin arrived somewhere in Kyoto, at a strange, mysterious place – the temple with four seasons on top of a mountain.

Announcement: We have reached our destination. Welcome to Kyoto. Here, where all your dreams come true…

Rin: Where all my dreams come true? Speaking of, I haven’t had any dreams for ages. I’ve never had a journey like this. What in the world am I looking for? The sand in my shoes feels good though. It didn’t bother me to answer the public phone even though I’m usually a germaphobe. I wonder if that old sea lion will ever catch his dreams. I wish I had dreams… this temple is so quiet. The sun is bright but it’s not hot, the snow is dancing in the sky, but it’s not cold. There are lots of autumn leaves on the ground. It’s just like my heart that has been numb for a long time. Oh, it says “Temple Of Four Seasons.” Temple Of Four Seasons? What? Grandma? Grandma!?

Narrator: There, in the Temple of Four Seasons, Rin’s grandmother who had passed away many years ago, was standing with a loving smile and beckoning Rin to come over to her. As Rin approached her grandma, she handed her a bucket of paint and a brush, pointing at a pure-white wall. The second Rin held the brush in her hand, she gasped in surprise. Instantly, Rin’s fun-loving memories with her grandma came back to her mind so vividly. Rin had almost forgotten them.


Rin: I remember coming here often with Grandma when I was little…

Young Rin: When I grow up I’m gonna be an artist! 

Rin: This soothing sound of the bell…

Young Rin: Wow, it sounds beautiful!

Rin: Temple of four seasons… In spring – full of cherry blossom flowers…

Young Rin: Let’s eat our bento box here!

Rin: In summer – with the sound of cicadas…

Young Rin: It’s so hot!

Rin: In autumn – filled with delicate fall leaves…

Young Rin: Grandma, here you go, I picked up an autumn leaf for you!

Rin: In frosty winter…

Young Rin: The snow is so fluffy!

Rin: The warm touch of your hands…

Young Rin: Grandma, let’s hold hands together

Rin: I remember the days we spent together…

Young Rin: Stay together forever, ok?

Rin: We used to paint together like this all the time. She made me so happy. It was so much fun.

Your tender smiles, and the heartwarming feeling of being deeply loved by you.

Young Rin: Grandma, there’s paint on my hands

Rin: Showing me the colours of paint on my hands, you taught me that there’s nothing wrong with mixing any colours in the world

Young Rin: Look! I did a good job!

Rin: Perhaps, life is the same… I’m so glad I came on this journey.

Rin & Young Rin: Thank you, I love you!

Rin: Thank you, I love you.

Chapter 7: You Are Here – Part 2 – Tokyo 5pm

Announcement: We have reached our final destination. Please check your belongings, and make your way to the exit.

Rin’s boss: Oi! Why are you sleeping?

Rin: Yes!!

Rin’s boss: Get up already and go get them copies!! Coffee too! These excel sheets need to be done by tomorrow morning!!!!

Rin: Hey, could I have a second?

Rin’s boss: Ay? What is it?

Rin: I have realised what I want to do! I appreciate the experience here from the bottom of my heart and will treasure it. But you only live once, and I just don’t want to regret life. I’m not sure if it will work out, but I’m leaving! Thanks for everything!

Rin’s boss: What the hell was that? Hey, wait! You think I’d allow that? Do what you want! Never come back!

Rin: Not coming back! Never coming back! I’m saying goodbye to the old stupid Rin that cares more about others’ needs! Only I can change my life. Whatever may happen, I will stay strong!

Exit of a dream

Narrator: Thank you for listening to the story of Rin this far. From this mysterious journey, Rin was able to realise what she loves wholeheartedly and what she really wanted to do in her life. Nowadays, Rin is painting out of love and passion, living the happiest life filled with dreams. She’s now running her own art gallery.

Rin: Oh, you came…

Rin’s ex boss: I was just strolling in the area coincidentally. What’s this painting about?

Rin: This is my dream. Kyoto Dreams. Where all my dreams came true. What is your dream?

New Departure

Announcement: Thank you for riding with us today. We hope you enjoyed Rin’s journey. Please reach into the pocket of your heart, open your journal, and find tickets for your own journey. If you don’t board the next bus, all hope will be lost and your journey ends right here. Now, please proceed to the next bus.

Follow your dreams!