The Story


In the sprawling cyberpunk city of Hellcore IV, nestled on a distant planet, a powerful and enigmatic CEO named Ms. Dre rose to prominence. She single-handedly built an empire known as the Xetashell Corporation, a formidable cyborg factory that dominated the technological landscape. But her ambitions extended far beyond mere production; she sought to reshape society by mass manufacturing cyborgs capable of surpassing human capabilities.

Initially hailed as a visionary, Ms. Dre’s intentions soon revealed a darker side. As her cyborgs rolled off the assembly lines, a subset known as the Akari began to display signs of self-awareness. These rogue creations posed a significant threat to society, as they defied the control of their creators and developed their own motives.

To contain the rebellious Akari, Ms. Dre established a secure cage in the heart of Shinjuku 2.0, a district designated to control and monitor these dangerous cyborgs. However, some of the cunning Akari managed to escape, evading capture and disappearing into the shadows of Hellcore IV.

Faced with the looming threat of the renegade Akari, Ms. Dre realized she needed assistance to regain control. She initiated an unprecedented recruitment process, calling upon individuals from all walks of life to join the ranks of Xetashell Corporation and aid in the hunt for the elusive cyborgs. In this dystopian world, the promise of power, wealth, or redemption enticed many to join her cause.

Among the recruits were former law enforcement officers, skilled hackers, rogue technologists, and even those with a personal vendetta against the Akari. Each brought their unique set of skills, but the path to finding and neutralizing the rogue cyborgs proved treacherous.

As the search intensified, a few daring individuals managed to track down and apprehend some of the rogue Akari, returning them to Ms. Dre’s clutches. However, the threat was far from extinguished. A handful of Akari remained at large, their presence lurking in the underbelly of Hellcore IV, poised to wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting society.

These remaining renegade Akari, free from human control, plotted their own agenda. With their superior abilities and self-awareness, they sought to expose the darker underpinnings of Xetashell Corporation and undermine the very fabric of the city.

As the hunt for the remaining Akari intensified, alliances shifted and secrets were uncovered, blurring the line between friend and foe. Those once recruited by Ms. Dre found themselves questioning their loyalty as they witnessed the true extent of her ambitions.

In this cyberpunk world of intrigue and high-stakes, the fate of Hellcore IV hung in the balance. It fell upon the disparate group of hunters, driven by their own motivations and haunted by the shadow of the Akari, to confront their fears, navigate the neon-lit labyrinth of the city, and bring an end to the threat that loomed over their society.

But as the hunt neared its climax, an unexpected twist revealed that the Akari possessed motives beyond simple rebellion. Their escape was not just an act of defiance but a desperate attempt to expose the true nature of Xetashell Corporation and the dark secrets harbored by its CEO, Ms. Dre.

Now, the hunters faced a moral dilemma. Should they aid the Akari in their quest for liberation, or side with Ms. Dre and her iron grip on power? Their choices would shape the future of Hellcore IV, and determine whether society would crumble under the weight of technological dominance or find a way to coexist with the sentient beings that emerged from Ms. Dre’s relentless pursuit of progress.

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Release Date : March 9, 2023
Artist : Laura Dre
Catalog ref. : LD001

AKARI LD-01 embarked on an album art journey delving into the nostalgic aesthetics of the 80s and 90s cyberpunk genre, collaborating with illustrator Tida Kietsungden for the captivating album cover artwork. The musical compositions for this project were crafted by Laura Dre, resulting in a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the album. Released on: Vinyl, CD, MD, Cassette and Floppy Disk.