Rin is a 35-year-old office worker, originally from Kyoto, who graduated from a university. From there she went directly into employment for a large corporation in Tokyo. Even after working there for 13 years, she’s still underpaid and undervalued, living her life without joy like many other people. She has become a robot of society, doing mundane work on a daily basis.

Kyoto Dreams DJ Set

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Kyoto Dreams

Release Date : December 24, 2021
Artist : Laura Dre
Catalog ref. : ORLD009

A synth infused, chill / vaporwave, narrative driven listening experience with story and concept art by artist Laura Dre
Released on: CD (Outland Recordings), 2x Double Vinyl, Cassette: Limited Edition (Kickstarter Exclusive), Cassette: Plain Ugly Edition, Kyoto Dreams Journal (Hardcover and Softcover).