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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Course Preparation

  • Welcome from Laura Dre!
  • Introduction: My Story and why you have the potential to enjoy the same success as me!
  • What you’ll get out of this course
  • Requirements for this course
  • Let’s talk about expectations!
  • Time management: How to create music on a busy schedule
  • Fill out this form before we start!

Module 2: The basics of your DAW

  • Adjusting your DAW environment
  • An introduction in the Logic Pro X environment
  • Environment setup: Adding keyboard shortcuts for faster editing
  • Testing the keyboard shortcuts
  • Test your learning

Module 3: First Practice Mix

  • Overview of first mix practice
  • Importing your first audio files into Logic
  • Solo / Mute functions
  • Your first audio edits: cutting, fades and trimming
  • Moving audio tracks
  • Quiz: Recap shortcuts
  • Your first basic mix
  • How to export audio
  • Submit your practice mix

Module 4: Audio & Data Management

  • Stay organised: Why it’s important to name the tracks
  • Renaming audio tracks
  • Colouring tracks
  • Grouping tracks
  • Sub-Folder Management

Module 5: Song Structure and Arrangement

  • The core formula a song is made of
  • Listening exercise: Analysing and breakdown of a song
  • Compare your notes with my notes
  • Task: Analyse and breakdown your favourite song
  • Determining the BPM (tempo) of the song
  • Setting up arrangement markers

Module 6: Drum Programming

  • Method 1: Creating a drum track from loops
  • How to copy / paste, extend loops, duplicate quickly
  • Connecting your midi keyboard and settings
  • Method 2: creating a drum track with midi programming
  • Changing the sound of snare, kick, cymbals etc.
  • Method 3: Creating a drum track using Logic Drummer
  • Advanced tweaks, percussion and rhythmic patterns
  • Task: Create a rhythmic groove
  • Submit your drum programming

Module 7: Adding Bass & Guitar

  • Method 1: Recording a real bass / guitar using the cycle function
  • Advanced tweaks: correct timing & applying crossfades
  • Method 2: program synth bass with midi
  • Adjusting the sound of the midi bass, rhythm & timing (quantisation)
  • Adjusting the key of the project
  • What you should do if you don’t know the song key
  • Task: Record guitar, bass or synth bass to the drum track you created in the previous module
  • Submit your mix

Module 8: Adding Synthesizers

  • Adding a synth pad with chord progression
  • Method 1: The manual way using your ears
  • Method 2: The automatic way
  • Adding synth melodies with midi take folder
  • Working with loops and building them into the arrangement
  • Layering synths
  • Task: add synths to your existing arrangement
  • Submit your mix

Module 10: Recording Vocals

  • Setting up your microphone and track channel
  • Recording basic vocal melodies and gain adjustment
  • Exercise: Vocal warm up
  • Recording the actual vocal with the lyrics you’ve written
  • Recording backing vocals
  • Recording harmonies or more voices
  • Task: Record your vocals to the existing arrangement
  • Submit your mix

Module 11: Mixing

  • Before The Mix: A Checklist!
  • How to use the equaliser (EQ)
  • How to use EQ on drums
  • How to use EQ on bass
  • How to use EQ on guitar
  • How to use EQ on synths
  • How to use EQ on vocals
  • How to now if your song is clipping
  • Level check
  • How to use a compressor
  • Setting up parallel compression
  • Creating a fat snare and kick
  • Adding reverb to your snare or kit
  • How to side-chain Kick and Bass
  • How to process vocals
  • Task: Apply all the mix techniques and export your song
  • How to use automation
  • Exporting your song
  • How to setup private listening sessions and get feedback
  • Submit your mix
  • Watch Laura Dre mix her song “New Beginning” from her new album! (unreleased)

Module 12: Mastering

  • Setting up a basic mastering session
  • Things to look out for before mastering
  • Mastering process
  • Master export
  • Submit your master

Course Benefits

Discover the benefits of signing up with Laura Dre’s Electronic Artist Masterclass.

  • Tailored for beginners & No music theory knowledge required
  • Artist guidance from start to finish with focused content
  • Easy step-by-step video instructions
  • Everything you need to know in one place
  • Assessments & 1x Song submission for constructive feedback
  • Lifetime access after payment
  • Certificate
  • Students can join Q&A group sessions hosted by Laura Dre
  • 1x Initial project call to discuss your production goals
  • 45 Minutes personal coaching sessions (flex)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

About the course

Electronic Artist Masterclass

91 Lessons

Price: 997€ – Plans available from 49€/m

  • Course start: 1st May, 2023
  • Genre: Synthpop / Electropop / Synthwave / Modern 80s / Alternative Pop & Rock, Retrowave
  • Level: Beginner

In this electronic artist masterclass we will focus on the production side of your music! This masterclass contains private coaching sessions, 1x final song mix submission, assessments to get the best out of this course!


Register on my website for FREE to download above PDF guide + FREEVIEW some of my course content!




Have you ever wanted to know how to produce your own songs?

Well, lucky for you there is my Electronic Artist Masterclass! 🙂 I specialise in Electronic Music Production with heavy focus on the genre of Synthpop / Electropop / Synthwave / Modern 80s / Alternative Pop & Rock. In this course you will learn how to produce your own songs to a professional level.

No prior knowledge is required and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve never touched an instrument before or consider yourself a competent player. We’ll make it happen! All you need is a DAW (preferably Logic Pro X), a midi keyboard and off you go! 🙂

This tailored mix & master bundle course entails a one-on-one coaching session and clear step-by-step video guidance. This course is great for musicians who already have produced their own demos but like to turn them to radio worthy songs.

Please note: This course is a portion of my premium course “Music Artist Masterclass“.

Course Requirements


  • Apple Mac with Logic Pro X (DAW)
  • Midi Keyboard

For recording vocals, bass or guitar:

  • Audio Interface (i.e. Focusrite, ID-14, Apollo Twin)
  • A cardioid condenser microphone (i.e. Audio Technica AT2020) with XLR connector to connect to interface

For users with a different DAW:

You can use a different DAW i.e. Studio One, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reaper etc., they all have the same functionalities, however note that you will need to do your own research. Note for Garageband users: This course is not suitable for Garageband due to restricted functionalities. Please upgrade to Logic Pro X by purchasing it through the app store.

Got any more questions? Check out the FAQ section or email me.

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