“Mysterious Shrine In Kyoto”
Taking the first step upwards is always the hardest part.

“Temple of 4 seasons”
Here, where it all began…

“Mystic trees”
Much like in real life, everything was foggy until I found my purpose.

“Bus to Okinawa”
I will never forget this trip. I thought the impossible was impossible. I was wrong.

Here, I was drifting in underwater space. My mind was floating beneath the surface. It was where I questioned my existence. It was mesmerising.

“Ocean Adventure”
Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere. Okinawa.

“City Lights”
I vaguely remember passing through this. Is it real?

“Kyoto Dreams”
And then there was this mysterious place. It was surreal.

“New Departure”
That was the beginning of my adventure. Kyoto Dreams. All it took was one bold step forward.

“Exit of a dream”
Things aren’t cloudy anymore. This is what I see when the directions are clear.