Laura Dre announces 2nd single “All Day, All Night”

By Laura Dre • February 24, 2021

Hello everyone!

This is blog #3 and today I have some great news about my new upcoming single!

New single – “All Day, All Night”

That’s right, a new single will come out on March 19th to all digital music stores worldwide! It’s called “All Day, All Night”. This song is slightly different from Moving Spaces, it’s an upbeat and sexy Synth-pop discowave tune, drenched in sparkle and a rhythmic bass. There’s a short snippet with pre-save option available here:

I’m very excited for this baby to be released! 🙂 I hope you will like it as much as I do!

Highlights of the week

Another highlight that I’m very proud of is Moving Spaces being featured on GAYDIO, which is the world’s largest LGBT+ radio station.
Currently they are playing my song on their radio station on a daily basis which is absolutely mind-blowing! I’m very happy about this as their radio station is not only available to UK but for the entire world listen to. If you like to tune in you can simply go to or ask your phone or Alexa to play Gaydio. 🙂 They play lots of upbeat electronic music ranging from modern house to good old 90s EDM. Furthermore Moving Spaces is close to hitting 60k views on NewRetroWave’s YT channel in less than a month.

Current Album Status

I’ve actually completed writing and producing my first album, however my songs are still in the process of being mixed and mastered by my good old friend Robert Harder. He’s a marvellous engineer and you as a listener only deserve the best quality! 🙂
It will be all worth the wait when the album comes out. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this to be happening and especially to have vinyl and cassettes to come out! 🙂 Right now I’m working on my second album. I have already written 3 songs,  and now I’m working on the 4th song which has a great summer vibe to it.

Tour Schedule

As you know due to COVID-19 we can’t exactly plan anything to specific dates, but what I can confirm is, that a tour through Japan is definitely on the schedule! 🙂 We just have to wait now until Japan open its borders again. In the meantime I’m trying to finish Album II by end of August so that I can focus on rehearsals.


The translation of the website for Spanish and Japanese is fixed now. 🙂 Blog posts are still automatically translated by google. Now I also have newsletters that you can subscribe to! 🙂
Subscribe if you like to be kept in the loop with any of my upcoming releases, tour schedules, etc. And that’s all for now! 🙂


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