NewRetroWave featuring Laura Dre – Moving Spaces

By Laura Dre • February 1, 2021

Top fans:

Hello all! This is blog #2 and today I will talk about some highlights I had this week: NewRetroWave featuring Laura Dre – Moving Spaces.

But first off some shout-outs. This week’s top fans are listeners from Mexico City! Muchas gracias everyone! 🙂

On 2nd place we have Sao Paolo, followed by Moscow, London and Berlin.

Spanish and Japanese content improvements coming soon:

To all my Spanish and Japanese readers, currently Ernst (my web admin) and I are working on the website to improve the translation of the content.
Having seen the makes-no-sense automatic translation that my friend Satomi kindly pointed out, we will now create a dedicated sub-domain for japanese readers. Satomi and Ernst arigatou for helping with this! 🙂
The only content that will go through a smart but brainless computer is the blog content, therefore apologies in advance if some sentences won’t make sense. You might want to look at the English version if there is something you don’t understand.


Some of you may have seen this already but my highlight of the week was NewRetroWave featuring Laura Dre – Moving Spaces on their channel!

That was so mega awesome! The funny bit was that they put Sasha Grey on the cover which I had no clue who it was until I looked her up. ????

She’s a former Porn Star… very nice. ????  hahaha, thank you for the clickbait @NewRetroWave ! 
And there I revealed the secret of getting 35k views in a space of 72h haha. But seriously, I’m so happy to read in the comments that you all enjoy my music, it brings me joy! 🙂 I honestly wasn’t expecting such great reception, the label and I were expecting something around 5k views by the end of January but not 35k! Just wow! Once again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone reading this. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Fan made video starring Jennifer Connelly

What also put a smile on my face was when I found this little gem on my youtube feed:

Somebody has made a fan video this morning, which was fantastic. I left that person a comment and gave him or her a thumbs up on their YT channel, because this must have taken hours to edit and I appreciate it. Look at the scene when it goes into the the “can’t take my eyes off you” part on my lyrics, the face exchange was just great and hit the spot! Nearly wanted to cry, it was just beautiful and the ending is also very cute. Wish I could make this video my official music video lol, but as you know, obtaining a license for this is nearly impossible or mega costly.

Anyway, that’s it from me for today.


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