“Moving Spaces” – A bunch of thank yous

By Laura Dre • January 23, 2021

Mood: Grateful & Appreciative. Hello World. It’s working!! This is my very first blog and today it’s the 23rd of January 2021, one day after my first debut release of “Moving Spaces”.

To listen to it click here:

Today I wanted to chat about the purpose of my blog and give you a bit of insight of what’s happening on my end and what’s happening next, and of course I really wanted to express gratitude towards a lot of people that are currently helping me along the journey.


The first THANK YOU goes to my follower and friend Ernst R. for making the blog function possible on my website! Without him, I wouldn’t have the luxury to post on here to give you some personal content outside social media.
It’s the type of content that you won’t find on social media, because I don’t want to rub things under peoples noses in an ocean full of social media noise. I’d rather people visit my website because they have genuine interest in what I’m up to.
It’s much nicer that way and you can decide when you want to read / hear stuff from me, right? 🙂 So that’s the purpose of my blog. He also added two more language options, meaning you can read the content in Spanish and Japanese now. 🙂

Ernst THANK YOU very much for enabling all this!! You’re THE BEST!

Outland Recordings

Next up I wanted to thank Outland Recordings for making so many things possible!! They are just beyond awesome and one of THE BEST labels I’ve ever worked with.
I’ve probably seen over a hundred of ads on social saying “You don’t need a label”, and whilst I could have published all my songs on my own like I did previously, something in me said “it will be worth it”.
And I was right – getting slowly to know Outland, their guidance in artist development is priceless and invaluable. I’m so glad there was a mutual interest between us when I submitted my demos in September last year.
It has been such a journey of joy and on another blog post I will tell you everything in more detail how this whole album theme of “unrequited love” came about. So yes, since last September things have been progressing surprisingly very smoothly due to excellent communication and mutual effort from both our sides. Stuart (the label head) is extremely experienced, an excellent communicator and has taken off so much workload that would have been too much on own. Because of that I’m able to focus on making great music. 🙂

Most importantly

The best thing for me ever was that they let me be the way I am. Meaning I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. Essentially I’m a geeky person who loves Star Trek, enjoys watching anime, loves model building & gaming.
Also I don’t have to hide that I’m gay, which makes me feel a lot more accepted and loved by everyone. So THANK YOU Outland!! This means a lot to me! <3

On the album

Then of course we still have the unavoidable admin stuff that sucks every inch of your energy. Oh, and I was designing my own single artwork cover (image at the top), which was another huge task.
Perhaps this looks all like fun on the outside, but trust me, there’s still hard work involved here. When it comes to creative things there is absolutely no set direction – there’s no such thing! You just must start with something and see where it takes you.
Once you develop a vision there will be multiple versions, you pick the best and develop it further and further until this is the best version you think you can make. You could do it almost endlessly. That said, you’ll spend extra hours in your evenings (that you normally would have free with a regular 9-5 job) and your weekends are practically not there. It’s almost like you don’t have a clock anymore.

About music

Music becomes your full time job and children to look after. I work until my energy is drained or my ears are getting tired, that’s when I switch to playing video games or watching Netflix. For me it helps my brain to relax.
Speaking of gaming, I hosted the Outland Twitch X-Mas party in December and got to meet the gorgeous Dana Jean Phoenix and handsome Alastair from Taurus1984. Both of them are super cool and welcomed me wholeheartedly into the synth family. I feel very blessed to have met them and I also got to virtually hang out with them. We had a Skype pub convo going on until 5:30am, drinking and chatting about life – can you believe that?! We were in a call for 8hours, 44minutes and 31 seconds – this by far the longest and most fun Skype call I’ve ever had in my life.

Moving Spaces

And here we are in January now – I’m very happy we finally made it to my first single release. There’s more content to come over the next few weeks / months, also a 2nd single called “All Day, All Night”. So watch this space! 🙂
When I make another blog post I will announce it on my social media accounts. Lastly, thanks to all my global listeners from around the world for supporting my music by sharing, streaming and / or buying! It really means a lot to me, because every little bit will help to build an audience and start touring. If you like to share again, feel free! 🙂

Bye for now! 🙂


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